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Nova Scotia egg farmers take great pride in being able to show you just how easy it is to prepare delicious meals for your families using fresh Nova Scotia eggs. Watch how easily one of our own egg farm families prepare three easy egg dishes by clicking on the recipes below.

Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia and Breakfast Club of Canada joined the students of Bell Park Academic Centre, Lake Echo, NS to celebrate World Egg Day on October 10, 2014. Egg Farmersof Nova Scotia was pleased to ensure all students at Bell Park School were served a nutritious egg breakfast to launch the new partnership between Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia and Breakfast Club of Canada/Atlantic.

Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell joins some students as they enjoy a healthy, nutritious breakfast made with local Nova Scotia eggs supplied by Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia.

On behalf of the Egg Farmers of Nova Scotia, Chair, Geneve Newcombe, an egg farmer from the Annapolis Valley, presentedthe Breakfast Club of Canada/ Atlantic with a $ 5,000 donation to be used in Nova Scotia club member schools.

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Be sure to check out our recipe section for more creative ways to serve eggs.

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